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My name is Daphne and welcome to my little place in Cyberspace.

I first got interested in radio when I was quite young and used to listen to a crystal set under the bed clothes when I should have been going to sleep. I got my amateur radio licence in 1989
after training for my RAE at my local radio club.

My interest in radio got me involved in the St John Ambulance Brigade as a radio communication trainer which ultimately led to me changing
my career to nursing, still not sure if that was wise :) Currently I am working in the field of Nuclear Medicine which I am finding very interesting and challenging. In fact you could say I am radioactive both at home and at work.

Mainly active on HF SSB, PSK31 and more recently JT65 which I am finding very enjoyable.


I am a member of:

BYLARA No. 1056
GQRP No.  13933

FISTS No. 16918
RAOTA No.  2376

RSARS No. 3850

WAB Sq. TF38

Book No. 19727

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